The Hood Internet, Mr. Oizo, Over Your Head, Over Your Shoulder

The Hood Internet – Over Your Head (B. o. B. & 2 Chainz x Chromeo) + Mr. Oizo + Free Downloads

Our favorite mash up masters, The Hood Internet, are back and dropping gems. Chromeo is teasing their new album like crazy and I can’t wait. The one track they’ve released, Over Your Shoulder, has spawned a number of different versions and The Hood Internet provide us with one of the best. Here they seamlessly weave Chromeo’s samples with B. o. B. and 2 Chainz vocals creating something entirely new, while leaving the components eminently recognizable. I freaking love it.



Mr. Oizo, of Flatbeat fame, has also dropped an awesome remix this Chromeo single. If don’t know who Mr. Oizo is you need to do some reading, legendary. His remix goes a little oldschool and weaves in some serious samples and a beat that land somewhere between DJ Shadow, Groove Armada and vintage Mr. Oizo. Get some! Both of these versions bring something very different to the table but both serve to increase my desire to get my hands on Chromeo’s new album and the whole ecosystem of tracks that go along with it.



I’ve dropped in one more track by The Hood Internet just because they’re so damn good, plus all three are free downloads. Enjoy!


Jason Scott
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