‘The Kids Will Be Fine’ Young Rising Sons

The Sunday Scaries. We all know them. Monday is creeping in and you feel the last bit of freedom slipping away. Do I go out? Have one more beer? Maybe even exercise? and though I love my job I just would really like one more day of straight coma-sleep. But Sundays are also a great time to go to a show. You leave amped and ready to take on the week, though this might be due to that ‘ok one more’ glass of wine, nevertheless music is always good for the soul.

I spent last Sunday with a few very talented bands. The Mosers being one (interview of lead singer Mikey here), Night Riots, and the very talented band of Young Rising Sons. Heard of them? Probably. They have a few good hits out like ‘High’ and ‘Fucked-Up’, which when used in the same sentence can often describe my Saturday night. They also went out on tour with 1975 last year, where famously Taylor Swift was seen cheering on then boyfriend Matt Healy at our own Terminal 5. Slay Taylor, slay.

Now something you might not know about the guys, they hail from Red Bank NJ. I’ve said this before but Farley roots are there, so of course I had to see what they were about. I was not disappointed. Lead singer Andy, though not from NJ (I forgive you), has a great voice and the band is solid (they’ve known each other for a long time- so it makes sense). Before their set, YRS came on stage when The Mosers played “Friend” and you could tell as soon as Andy hit the stage- high pitched squeeks erupted from the crowd. The fans love him and you could tell he loved them as well.

The guys played an awesome set all around but a few favorites of mine were ‘Turnin”, “American Renegade”, and “Coming Home”. What a fun show. Constant dancing, people everywhere screaming the lyrics, and Julian and Dylan killing it in front of me on the guitar.

YRS played ‘Somebody’ acoustically, which is one of my favorite things in the world. They invited both Night Riots and The Mosers to sing along for this one, and it was glorious. At the back end of the tour and probably ready to kill each other- these three bands came together, shared one stage, and looked out to a beaming crowd. It was a magical moment. YRS ended the set with ‘Fucked-Up’ and Andy jumping on the speaker.

Trying to get an interview nailed down with the guys on what is next for YRS. Stay tuned my friends.



photo by jesse deflorio

Cassie Farley
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