TMD Presents: Spirit Animal, AYER & Clementine & The Galaxy / Sep 10

With this show, Spirit Animal is now tied for first for most appearances on a TMD Presents bill. Why, you ask?  Because they have the single best live set i’ve ever seen from an unsigned artist. There it is, I said it.  Throw out what you think you know about rock music and take the leap. If for no other reason, come to hear their unrecorded/unreleased track True Believer…truly built for a stadium its Chris Martin meets Brandon Flowers at main stage Lollapalooza…all energy, love and HOT FIRE!

Next, did you catch the live debut of AYER at our Brooklyn Night Bazaar takeover two weeks ago? If so then I know i’ll see you again on Sep 10, but if not then you NEED to know the hype is real. Frontman Danny Schmittler went from blog sensation to indie electro-pop icon that night and you owe it to yourself to see it live. Truly the best vocal performance of the year.

Lastly, we’ve got local TMD blog vets Clementine & The Galaxy setting the stage for it all.  With their debut LP all mixed, mastered and awaiting release, this is still the only way to hear unreleased treasures like Tourist, Run for Your Life and Fighting Skills.

Am I enthusiastic about this?  I think so!  See you 9pm Wednesday September 10 @ Mercury Lounge.


Max Bernstein
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