Years & Years – Shine

London electronica trio (an “electrio” or “electrotrio”?) Years & Years are out with a new track. After a few EPs and lots of online listens, their debut album will finally drop in July. The band formed in 2010 when one of the dudes moved from down under to London and began trolling Craigslist “looking for ledge mates to get wankered and jam with,” only for his friend Peter (who’s a proper LAD) to suggest some bantz and a cheeky Nando’s. After a night out, they asked their current lead singer to join the band when the Aussie heard him singing in the shower like an “absolute ledge”. Not sure why he was in the shower too… At least my sister still has a chance of being in a band. Freaking Queen-Bey in the shower.

You’d be silly to not Listen to Feli :-/

Felipe Macia
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