Ace of Base, Human Life Remix, All That She Wants

Yolanda Be Cool ft. SYF & Fritz Helder – All That She Wants (Human Life Remix)

In keeping with the throwback Friday motif (throwback Thursday was too mainstream) and Tim’s wonderful INXS mashup post, I thought it was only appropriate to share this gem with you. Do not be confused or afraid when you hear the first strains of All That She Wants. It is indeed a cover of the 1993 classic by Ace of Base!

Yolanda Be Cool, an Aussie duo who’s name is a reference to Samuel L. Jackson’s diner scene dialogue from Pulp Fiction, has breathed new life into this classic pop song from the 90’s. Taking this a step further Human Life has taken this rework and put their own spin on it, which sounds a little like a collaboration between Softcell and Toto. Inevitably, this mean that I will love it and I’ll have to insert it into my next playlist as an excellent bridge to get from Tainted Love to Africa. Take it for a spin, tell us what you think, and most importantly, “Bitch be cool!”



Bonus: The best thing about Ace of Base is if you search them on Google Images none of their photos are ironic and damned if they don’t look good. Gold Jerry, pure gold!!!!

Jason Scott
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