Alex Feder – Moments of Silence

So I came across this rock track the other day, and while said genre isn’t usually my cup of tea I couldn’t help rocking out. The material is courtesy of LA pop/rock artist, Alex Feder, formally known as Leonard Friend. The uplifting vocals are probably the highlight for me. The title and pinnacle of the chorus, “these days the kids dance to moments of silence,” is in my mind a reference to the fast paced and often violent nature of our generation. I actually have spent some time reflecting upon this unfortunate condition, so the song was particularly meaningful to me. The preceding line, “hearts are so wired and loves are so violent,” sends a similar message, relating possibly to the technological advancement experienced by our generation. I won’t analyze the rest of the lyrics for you, because for one I don’t have time, but more importantly because the song will resonate very personally for each one of us, and so my interpretation may be meaningless to you. Lyrics aside, the track boasts some cool synths during the intro and killer drum patterns throughout the chorus. Certainly some pop influence here. Stream and download below.

Alex Osgood
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