aussie beach

Aussies know how to Beach

If today were an album, I’d name it I’m Sweaty and the Subway’s an Inferno. Kinda like DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell is Hot (remember that gem?). Well today is same same but different. Here are some tunes from a couple Aussies in honor of going to the beach and having fun (Aussies are way better are chillin’ out and relaxin’ all cool), instead of dripping on a subway platform in Union Square next to some shredded tank top wearing, Old Spice-boycotting, hipster who brought his bicycle on the train and keeps sliding his grubby non-manicured hand down the pole and touching yours (come on dude! don’t tell you can’t feel my hand there!? are you serious!? people are the worst…). Braves is a group of lo-fi garage rockers from Perth, Australia who have an EP out called Seapunk; and Alex Lahey is a Best Coast styling beach rocker from Melbourne, Australia whose personal interests, according to Facebook, are “Blue 1999 Toyota Corollas” – dependable car btw. These two helping channel my inner beach. I guess this is what Corona has been talking about all these years…

Feli just wishes he’d stop sweating

Felipe Macia
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