vanNorte – As the Wetsuits Hang to Dry

It doesn't happen often, but I've been stricken speechless by the soft, soothing sound of guitar strings creating this melody so warm and song so beautiful. I'm humming along, though I don't know the tune. I'm singing the lyrics, though there aren't any to be sung. I'm relating...

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Tei Shi – Bassically (HONNE Remix)

HONNE dims the lights and pours a glass of champagne all over Tei Shi's energetic track, "Bassically." The UK-duo seduces Valerie Teicher's vocals with a string of flirtatious tones and a voluptuous beat, transforming her throw-down thriller into a smooth, sultry treat. ...

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Satin Jackets – Shine On You

Don't let the weather get you down. This Detroit girl is here to say that it ain't that bad. I know it hurts when the bitter wind hits your face. And I know you have one too many layers on and it just isn't comfortable. But think...

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KLP – Medicine

It was around this time last year when I first feel for the deep, sultry sounds and floor-rocking, booty-dropping beats of Sydney-based singer and producer, KLP. Words like temptress, seductress and femme fatale come to mind when personifying her titillating tunes. And as for today,...

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[VIDEO] Tei Shi – Bassically

The allure of her voice is addictive and her feel is mysteriously magnetic. Tei Shi sucks you in to her world with a seductively energetic whisper, and makes you stay with a powerfully catchy, electro-pop beat. Today, Valerie Teichner's music became theatric in the release of her official video for the hypnotic...

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[INTERVIEW] Maybe The Moon – Hammers See Nails

Over the weekend I got to talking with the fresh faces of Maybe The Moon about life, love and their newest release, "Hammers See Nails." Bay Area, CA-based Alex Lasner and Karmen Kimball were an absolute riot to chat with, totally game for my intimate...

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Grammar – New World

This one is beautiful. It's delicate and gentle yet powerful and moving. The strength in vocalist Barrie Lindsay's words balances the softness in her sound. It's like a quiet scream -- trying to communicate something so potent and meaningful, but with poise and grace. She isn't shouting...

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KYKO – Animals

Sometimes, falling madly in love with a song is like falling in love with a moment: it's the perfect touch, the perfect look, the perfect...

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Maybe The Moon – Two Birthdays

Music made by lovers -- man, there's something special about it. Something about their lyrics feel fresher, deeper and more understanding. Their vocals sync with the beat in a more natural, tender way. The rhythm rides down each curve effortlessly and with familiarity. Perhaps it is...

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Wolf Colony – The One

His perspective is real and approach is raw. His words are unafraid and honest, and the beat isn't heard but felt -- his music is alive and well. By blending a deeply personal sound with passionately poetic lyrics, Wolf Colony pushes "refresh" on the tried-and-true indie-pop aesthetic.  ...

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