KYKO – Animals

Sometimes, falling madly in love with a song is like falling in love with a moment: it’s the perfect touch, the perfect look, the perfect… thing, at the perfect time and perfect place. It just works, and it makes you appreciate all the times it didn’t. You know, those times it didn’t make sense why not and no one could convince you otherwise. Comfort could only be found in the hope it wasn’t from a lack of love or not-good-enough, but because the timing was all wrong. Someone got there first or something happened unaligned with your agenda. Timing is everything — it can either make or break your perfect moments. And the truth is, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I think timing — whether on time or off — is the only thing we got to help us understand why one thing stays and another goes.

“Animals” by KYKO came to me at the right time. I am just so into it, I can hardly help myself. The soothing vocals of Scott Verrill are striking, filled with life beyond his years. The 18-year-old’s groomed sound is equal parts mature, mysterious and — I’ll say it — sexy. Floating on top a sea of uplifting beats, his charming music carries me and my mind away to my perfect moment.


Alison Parke
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