Grammar – New World

This one is beautiful. It’s delicate and gentle yet powerful and moving. The strength in vocalist Barrie Lindsay’s words balances the softness in her sound. It’s like a quiet scream — trying to communicate something so potent and meaningful, but with poise and grace. She isn’t shouting out for attention, forcing you to listen with a beat too big and vocals too loud. Rather, Lindsay sucks you in as she tip-toes around the story with harmonic elegance. Instrumentally supported by her brother and three friends, Lindsay’s secretive and submissive voice highlights the track. And to top it all off, she independently writes, records and produces all recordings for the Boston-based band.

Also, check out this unbelievable rework of personal favorite, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” by Wet.

Better yet, here is the Grammar EP in it’s entirety. Each song is better than the one that played before — like a gift that never stops giving.


Alison Parke
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