Baby Baby – (warning: may cause rapid foot movement)

Described as “Nirvana in a good mood,” Baby Baby are the “embodiment of Fun Rock.” Str8 outta GA, these dudes love (and I quote) “hard work and ball sweat.” They channel the Beastie Boys’ sillyness with Andrew W.K.’s soul for the fiesta and blend their fun(k) rock with their Atlanta-born hip hop swagger. They live for the live experience, and say if you haven’t started moving when you’re seeing them, that you have no excuse and probly no soul. describe them as: “catchy, fun, and totally chaotic… canned optimism.” I’m down with all of this. Plus their self written bios are also hilarous. We’d probly get along swimmingly.

Feli Says Listen, so stop arguing. These dudes rock. 

Felipe Macia
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