The Sun/Son Savi

Someone named Savi, more often than not, is female, of Indian ancestry, and Hindu. This Savi is not those things. Well...

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Does 4 Door Theatre have enough Doors?

Generally speaking, the maximum occupancy of a room or building is determined by the number of available exits, since each exit can only accommodate a certain number of people before a bottleneck occurs. And since I am technically the fire marshal of the 19th floor...

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labor day

Long Weekends for Winners

It was Friday before a long weekend, and like most of you, I'm wasn't actually working. My computer monitor might not even have be on, I wouldn't know. People walk by your cube, you furiously hit ALT+TAB!! ALT+TAB!! (Where's that fake excel sheet!? pick up the phone...

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goldroom final

Go for Gold(room)

Midweek blues got you jonesin' for that poolside fiesta you went to on Sunday? The one with sweet jams, cool breezes, cold drinks and hard bodies? I feel you. Except I don't have a pool. Soho House won't return my emails. And the hotel pool across...

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nicky romero

Nicky Romero gets help from the past to get FutureFunky

After getting unduly rejected from the cast of True Blood (and Vampire Diaries, but to be clear, beating Ian Somerhalder for the role of Damon Salvatore was never realistic :-/), the Dutchman Nick Rotteveel transformed his hopes and dreams of being a TV vampire and became...

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bag raiders 2

Bag Raiders stole my joke…

Let's say I had a buddy named Lorenz. We'd call him L, since he has a "Z" in his name and that's silly. If you'd ever meet L, you may not learn that he loves to dance, but he does. This sexy German fellow would...

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Baby Baby will (not) Teach You How To Dance

ATL funrockers and previously featured all-around awesome duders, Baby Baby, are at it again. They dropped a split EP this summer with this little gem on it, a follow-up to their solid full-length "Big Boy Baller Club" - a club, not unlike Soho House, that...

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charley marley - Copy

Do Bad Things w/ Charley Marley (& Jamaicans)

No relation to Bob, Charley Marley was recently signed to DCD2 Records (formerly Decaydance Records) - Pet Wentz of Fall Out Boy's label. The London man has been working in the night club world since he was far too young to be there, and dropped this...

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Sigala – Easy Love

Some London bloke named Sigala (real name Bruce Fielder) made this song remixing Jackson 5's "ABC" in to a real happy catchy tune. The currently solo artiste is releasing in the UK in September with the Ministry of Sound, which everyone knows is the best...

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Afrojack – SummerThing!

(yes, that photo is amazing, in case you were wondering) I thought most DJ's got in to it to compensate for something, or because like, they couldn't get in to clubs on their own, but Afrojack is 1) Dutch, and everyone knows clubs love Euros with...

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