Broken Luxury – Block the Wind

Sonically innovative with an undeniable magnetism, the B r o k e n  L u x u r y boys are a contagious force continuously proving they’ve got what it takes to be the ones you want singin’ and drummin’ you home. Josh Reynolds’ vocals are mesmerizingly pure yet rough with honesty and life. His words are amplified seamlessly by the beating perfection of Zach Golden, who drives their sound to climatic bliss. 

The Most Definitely was lucky to have Josh and Zach blow out the last candle at our SXSW showcase with Wind-up Records. They took us to nirvana with an encore performance, closing the stage for the 21 acts that sparkled before them over two magnificent, hot n’ sweaty Texas days. Some cried, others smiled and together, well, we all danced.

Alison Parke
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