Genevieve – Human Again

SXSW, man…. what a trip. On our last late night, the team sat around drinking beer while reliving our highlights, retelling our best moments with sincerity and pride. Can I share with you mine?

Nothing more than a first look is needed to whole-heartedly know G e n e v i e v e is a star. She shines magnificently bright, controlling the room with her unique, effortlessly perfect sound and totally consuming stage presence. She is a poet — a true, soulful writer. Genevieve eloquently shares her stories through beautiful composition and with powerful engagement. If I were to wake up a musician, I’d hope to look in the mirror to see her reflection.

“Human Again” had a particularly deep, profound affect on me. Watching these words leave her lips live was transforming. It was like feeling love for the first time — I couldn’t look away and I never wanted it to end.

I used to be my father’s daughter
Everything I did was for attention
Like an undercover soldier,
Posing for a picture of perfection
Sleeping in so late that by the time I woke up,
The day had turned to night.

It feels like I’m almost human,
It feels like I’m almost back in my skin.

And then let this serve as a hint to her live show magic:

Alison Parke
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