Moon Walkers Art

Moon Walkers – Charmé[d] to meet ya.

I present to you, Moon Walkers for some 2016 charmé[d] (tenses: ing, s, ed) listening. The name comes from what I can envision would be the perfect (not to everyone) playlist for my first walk on the moon. Don't make me wait too long, Branson. 2016...

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Gabriela’s 2015 Funkouement  

I remember the precise moment I sold my soul to the music devil; South by Southwest, ATX. The very own Most Definitely's Stoli infused afternoon at The Yard. Before that my unexposed dreams twinkled in classical piano, A Capella'd harmonies, and celestial music festivals. Needless...

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Chelsea’s Favorite Tracks of 2014

2014 was a year for the books. In terms of my personal life, it was probably the best one yet - I traveled the world, became heavily invested in the music business, met a ton of incredible people, and carved out a clearer (and less...

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Tim’s Autobiographical Tracks of 2014

Two thousand and fourteen - quite possibly the most interesting year of my life. So many firsts, so many moments I never thought I'd experience. So many highs and some lows too, if we're being honest. It was like a mad dash without ever stopping...

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Jason’s Favorites – 2014

It's been an interesting year for the world at large, as well as for me personally. We had a World Cup, an Ebola outbreak, The Fappening, Ferguson, the Sony Hack and an Ice Bucket Challenge. Robin Williams, Maya Angelou and Philip Seymour Hoffman are no...

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Max’s Top 14 of 2014

No winners, no losers, just the 14 sounds of 2014 that make me smile the most.  They are in order from the least number of Soundcloud streams to the most.  And yes, one may have blatantly came out in Dec 2013, but too late to make last...

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David Harks – Radioscope Vol. 2

You wanna hear something new? In his second installment of Radioscope, a serial mixtape prepared special for We Found New Music with Grant Owens on 93.5FM, David Harks takes us to the edge of deep disco and back.  It's a masterful mix designed perfectly for the impromptu afterparty you're...

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Goldroom – Verano Mix 2014

Few acts are entering Summer 2014 with as much momentum as Goldroom.  Over the past year LA native Josh Legg has transformed an eminent producer/DJ career into one of the most promising live format contenders in the game (that crowd Saturday at Firefly looked BANANAS!). Now, as the summer tour hits full stride,...

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