Gabriela’s 2015 Funkouement  

I remember the precise moment I sold my soul to the music devil; South by Southwest, ATX. The very own Most Definitely’s Stoli infused afternoon at The Yard. Before that my unexposed dreams twinkled in classical piano, A Capella’d harmonies, and celestial music festivals. Needless to say, this year had me hooked. My fellow writers and cousins have inspired my search for musical talent. Oh, and I finally got that electric guitar, oww. I bid you adieu Beelzebub’s year. A brief confessional precedes my list; in the words of our most mystical Calypso, “My intentions are honest ones, and my heart is not made of iron…”


Maybe I should blame my fiery zodiac, or just admit… Sharing this list exposes the soundtrack of my year thus far, a personal and utterly biased list. I can’t speak for you, but, if you take a gander you might just find yourself learning moves you’d never dreamed feasible (or flexible enough for). Two quick confessions and then we’ll commence musically, I promise. As a small town high school English teacher, the music industry is comparable to Dante’s second ring of hell, a daunting fiery pit of passion, authenticity, and soul; a niche I am gingerly stepping into through wonderful role models and musical talents. Finally, my draw to the music is through my synesthesthetic (new word?) viewpoint. I see the notes morph through spools of color across my lids, they roll, bubble, pour, through my veins. It’s a direct reaction to the art and dedication of the artists. Alas, enjoy. Make space to dance, lay, and free your body from our daily mundanities.


Here’s a Soundcloud version of the playlist, with a few added bonuses not found on Spotify:


Cheers, 2015. 

Gaby Deambrosio
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