Cheerleader: a Philly Five Way SFW

Philly is a pretty cool town, and despite the naysayers, some real strong stuff comes outta the City of Brotherly Love (I didn’t know Philadelphia literally meant that :-/, I thought they called it that cuz ppl high-fived a lot, or they had a sweet YMCA or something): the Fresh Prince, The Wonder Years, all 17 Rocky movies, the $100 cheesesteak at Barclay Prime made with kobe beef, Taleggio cheese, shaved truffles and sauteed foie gras, It’s Always Sunny, and don’t forget Bob Saget and the best Lawrence brother (no! not Joey! ew). This indie haze five-way, Cheerleader, are from Philly too. Now, let’s be Frank (Reynolds), I certainly don’t put them in the same league as the Barclay Prime cheesesteak – or The Wonder Years for that matter – but some nice warm background summer music in January seemed appropriate. But since I’ve been getting complaints that lately I’ve covered¬†too much “happy” music, I’ll be back with a vengeful depression soon.

I don’t even listen to me, so why do what Feli Says?

Felipe Macia
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