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Fareoh goes great in yummy salads

So you probs already know about Big Grams and their debut EP last year. They are the combo indie/electro/hiphop consortium comprised of Big Boi (a la Outkast) and Phantogram – and they just put out a bunch of remixes of their song “Drum Machine” – arguably the weakest song from their EP (worth checking out “Fell In The Sun” – and “Lights On”). So what’d they do? They grabbed the track and had five separate folks remix the heck out of it. This Fareoh remix is hands down the best one. Who? Well, this dude Ian Spurrier (no relation to Steve) may have to pull a MacGruber-style Vegas nightclub introduction: “Who am I, you ask!?… MY name, is Fareoh! Remember. That. Name!” But he’d have to spell it for us too cuz I have no idea how to pronounce it. Is it like the Egypt pharaohs? or like, the way too expensive grain I put in my salad at Chop’t, farro…? Well whether it be his affinity for hieroglyphics and sarcophagi, or just nutritious and delicious salads, he made a really good song.

Feli Things he’s really good at photoshop…

Felipe Macia
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