French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion – Day By Day (Feat. Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review)

Happy Summah! Good and you? It’s Tropical Tuesday and I’m sitting here wearing my freshest short sleeve button down featuring flamingos and wind surfers cause that’s what this song demands. A marriage made in funky vibes heaven. Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review and French Horn Rebellion teamed up to release this funkdafied slow burner to get your mind right. In case you haven’t learned yet, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review is the brainchild of Doc Mendelsohn of Ghost Beach. And French Horn Rebellion needs to further introduction. They’re releasing this tune with some even bigger news which is a new full length album coming out this fall. If this is just a taste of what’s to come then we are in for a treat!

Tim Mullowney
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