cant swim 2

If you Can’t Swim, then don’t. Or learn. Whatever.

The term “punk rock” really doesn’t mean anything specific anymore. AS IT IS, those words tend to be an easy way to encompass what is now a vast array of sounds and subject matter. People who aren’t Neck Deep in the scene tend to shy away (and immediately push away) from anything with that label, since, by definition, the genre is non mainstream, or “OMG what a throwback! I listened to that kinda music in high school… You still listen to that? I’m super grown up now and listen to Beck and Mumford & Sons while on Molly at Coachella.” Well these days are the Best Years to be in the (pop) punk world. Lots a really catchy super fun music. Some dark, some uplifting and happy. All just great tunes. And if anyone has come with me to a punk show, you’d know that punk fans are hands down the most friendly and welcoming of any genre show. You can go to just about any punk show alone, make Real Friends for 2 hours, then take off never to see them again. It’s legit. A welcome addition to The American Scene. The newest entrant, and a welcome one at that, is Can’t Swim. A Jersey quad recently signed to Pure Noise Records (blending punk, indie, alt, and post-hardcore) and debuted their first EP a few days ago: sweet song structures, and some serious raging bubbling beneath the surface. The Forecast for Can’t Swim is looking like Fireworks (had to get two more in). Meow.

Feli’s getting back to his roots

Felipe Macia
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