James Hersey – Coming Over + Filous Remix

I usually hate admitting that a remix from an established producer lead me to the original material. Something about not uncovering that gem myself… it bothers me. The case holds here, except the prominent producer in question, Filous, only seems to add to the magic that is Coming Over by James Hersey.

The track in short recognizes the most basic and honest joy of visiting that special someone. Hersey chants throughout the track “all I need is you and a bit of music.” Too real. For him, that visit trumps all other thoughts, clearing his mind and obviously allowing him to produce beautifully sincere music. And that’s just the original work. The track is then taken to the beat lab and equipped with that sooting ambiance Filous has become famous for. Both the acoustic and remix are dream material. Stream and download below.

Alex Osgood
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  • Max

    this track is basically everything right now

    August 22, 2014 at 11:10 am

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