Kiiara & Jai Wolf mastering USA foreign relations

Born and bred Fightin’ Illini, 21 year-old Kiiara appeared outta nowhere last summer on SoundCloud with her single “Gold,” a chopped up electrochill track that raced to north of 51 million spotify listens as of today. She was just making music in her bedroom at mom’s house, something happened, got hooked up with some mega folks and now she’s a hit. Easy peasy. Her official first EP came out like a week ago, but the jam to get on is this Jai Wolf remix of her track “Feels” – which gives you a very “move in slow motion¬†Miami”-vibe (hit that 1:40 & 3:33 mark). The Bangladesh-born, NYC-raised DJ better known as Jai Wolf, not only has a sweet stage name, but was really in to Crash Bandicoot (gr8 game) and Pokemon growing up, which makes him aok in my book (all about that Charizard).

Feli Wonders which is more acceptable as an adult, Pokemon cards or Magic: The Gathering?

Felipe Macia
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