Kitten – Like A Stranger

If you don’t know Kitten, now you know! For real. 19-year old Chloe Chaidez has rock star written all over her, and if you ever see her live you will truly understand – she shredded the stage so hard her skin-tight kimono (yes, she was indeed sporting a kimono) was left in tatters by then end of her set. Daughter of a punk rocker, Chloe has been around the scene since a really young age… probably too young if you ask me. When she was ten she was playing bass in a novelty cover band… I guess kids in LA really DO start early with the whole “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” thing. Regardless, we should all be thankful to her pops, cuz she signed with Atlantic at 15 years old, and is killing it for us. What did YOU do at 15?? That’s what I thought…

Why won’t anyone listen to me…

Felipe Macia
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