MS MR, HAERTS Remix, Think of You

MS MR – Think of You (HAERTS Remix)

Known less formally as Lizzy and Max, MS MR has been getting a lot of play and daps in the past year (and why shouldn’t they!?!). I hear Hurricane on the radio all the time out here in SF which blows my mind a little. Think of You is a great song and it got the serious HAERTS treatment here to make it something different, new and amazing!

We love both of these bands here at TMD (just search, you’ll see) so you won’t be surprised when we got really excited for this collaboration. It is awesome! Haerts add a driving beat to really bring up the tempo and change the tone of the song altogether. Don’t even get me started on the excellent synth additions.

This song is not for people who can’t head bob at their desks. Its probably not even safe if you don’t have some open space nearby to dance. Listen, then go to the kitchen in your office and do your thing!



Jason Scott
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