Night Drive – Drones EP

I stumbled across this in one of the e-mail blasts that I am bombarded with. I am exceptionally glad that I actually took the time to poke through this one because Night Drive’s EP is really something worth listening to. Molly tackled the single the other day but the other songs add depth and different interpretations of that awesome original. The band’s own description on soundcloud grabbed me almost as much as the initial mix of drones

Night Drive is the type of music you would hear on a car stereo if Giorgio Moroder and Ray Bradbury were driving late at night through a buzzing metropolis. Inspired by bygone era of glamour and excess, kalioscopic neon lights, Studio 54

I don’t know about you but that sound pretty good to me. Then I heard the songs and I was really blown away! Each one sounds unique and the EP provides a little something for everyone. From and pounding 80’s beat to a more dance-y version to a very 8-bit kind of sound and the pulse pounding dance floor finale this EP just demonstrates what good remixing can do and make one sound into 4 unique pieces. The second one is my favorite but that’s the fun, choose the one you enjoy¬† the most!

Jason Scott

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