Porter Robinson – “Worlds” Remixes

I haven’t really fallen in love with any new material lately, so I thought I’d turn your attention to a few noteworthy remixes of tracks from Porter Robinson’s masterpiece, Worlds. All three are similarly impressive with customary uplifting house vocals, hard hitting bass lines and most importantly, a hint of Robinson’s originality that sets him apart in the house industry. The first comes from NYC producer, Anamanaguchi, with a remodeling of Robinson’s new hit, Sad Machine. The second provides a heavier dose of house courtesy of Russian producer, Arty. Last but maybe the most impressive is a beautiful edit of Sea of Voices by the well established house name, RAC. This last one provides a medley of rounded synths that make for an almost underwater feel to the track, if that’s at all possible. Check em out below.

Alex Osgood
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