mixtapes + Grayscale

reminiscing the death of Mixtapes in Grayscale

Throwback Thursdays… A great way to remind everyone that although you may be sitting in your cubicle at your horrible job, bossman yelling at you over the useless tasks that will never be used, you’re eating the horrible salad you made at home that morning in the dark because no one can afford Sweetgreen, and you haven’t shaved in days (legs or face) because, well, why? what do I  have to look forward to?; you ARE indeed FUN and COOL and #blessed and hey!, why not remind everyone online that I took that vacation that one time! Kk let’s scroll through the 800 pics I took that weekend two Februaries ago…. change the filter… aaaand POST! Fewf… for a minute there the internet may have forgotten about me!! #I’mHereToo. So that we don’t forget anything ever again, we can reminisce on loves lost through a band taken from us too early: Mixtapes. The Cincinnati  foursome (2009-2014) did some good things with guy/girl vocals, and she even became “Pink Intruder” for the esteemed Masked Intruder. Aiding our throwing back to memories of yesteryear is Grayscale (and dope Philly band & thankfully still around), with a much needed covering of a Barenaked Ladies track (they might as well be broken up, let’s be real, it was all downhill after “One Week”) looking back at his old apartment.

Why did they change the locks? Why did I have to break in? I only came here to talk.

Feli Says go Grayscale

Felipe Macia
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