Run the Jewels & DJ Shadow don’t confirm homage to No Doubt

We’ve covered Run the Jewels a few times, so we all already know how awesome they are. For this track we’ll focus on the DJ Shadow aspect of it, since I guess technically it’s “his” song. DJ Shadow’s Wikipedia page makes a point to let us know that Joshua Paul Davis (aka DJ Shadow) has a nickname, and that nickname is “Josh.” Just Josh. smh. I encourage all Feli Says Listen subscribers to go and edit DJ Shadow’s wiki page nickname to something more appropriate. I think I’m gonna go with “Pauly D” for now. So Pauly D is a 43 year old white guy from Davis, California who has a collection of over 60,000 physical records that he keeps scattered in storage lockers throughout San Francisco. Although some would argue a massive and fruitless expense, I guess his shtick is the skill in which he manipulates samples, taking largely unheard of pieces or rare parts or phrases and working them in to his songs. But don’t worry, Run the Jewels is on this track.

This is from Feli

Felipe Macia
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