Seasick Mama – Quit Your Job

I saw the Seasick Mama show again last night and am here to tell you she is the one to watch in 2014.  Model/actor/singer/songwriter, Mariel Maher flawlessly delivers on each in this amazing live set.  It’s a borderline religious experience that includes a captivating performance of one of my favorite songs, Quit Your Job.  It’s not just an epic ballad reminiscent of Florence Welch circa 2010, but a literal call to action.  “If you’re job sucks then quit” she preaches toward the end of her set, followed by a polite yet wildly logical edict, “don’t become the things you hate”.  Now what makes more sense than that?

And, she released this edit a few months ago that sounds more like it the live version.

If you’re like me and in the business of helping artists get paid for their work, then listen using the Spotify player below.

Max Bernstein
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