Neon Sea – Do This Tonight

I’d like to think if I was in high school right now I too would have turned my bedroom into a beats laboratory. At 15, Jacob McCloskey aka. Neon Sea, has been dropping various DIY beats, remixes and covers on his Soundcloud page for two years now. Im pumped on this track and looking forward to hearing how youthful tastes like his shape the future of electronic music production.

Here’s the bio, enjoy: “Based in Philadelphia, Neon Sea is a producer, performer, and a high school student. In march, “Do This Tonight,” was released, an epic 7 minute dance track that brought listeners into a trance. Now Neon Sea is back at it with “In The Night Time”, a synth-pop jam featuring Drew Vogelsang. McCloskey is currently working on an upcoming Neon Sea album, as well as writing music for an alternative 3-piece band.”

Max Bernstein
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