Kate Boy – Self Control

It is so easy to get stuck at the computer while listening to songs, totally plugged in to what you are hearing while giving little to no attention to what you are actually doing or seeing — reading an e-mail? Cruising Facebook? I like to disconnect from the screen and let the music play as a soundtrack to something else — walking through the streets, drinking a cup of coffee…. writing. My favorite time to listen to a song, especially a new one, is while I am running. You have nothing to be distracted by and nothing to concentrate on other than the way the sound filling your ears is keeping your energy high and your body moving. Sometimes, when a song really has a hold, I will listen on repeat for the full six miles.

“Self Control” by Kate Boy does just that. A little late to put this post down, but I was lucky to see Kate Boy back-to-back nights during CMJ. First at New Shapes and then at our last show of 2014. She’s got something so sexy and cool about her, from the stories she chooses to share through song to the fashion she slips those rock hard abs (for real, though) into on stage.

When you listen, notice how smooth the chorus is: I love singing along with it. The words feel so soft as they roll off your tongue and the beat really makes you move at emphasized points. For reasons more than one, Kate Boy is the full package and definitely has a fan in me.

Alison Parke
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