Shine 2009, Older, Eurozone, Eurozone (CFCF Remix)

Shine 2009 – Older + More!!

Today we are bringing you not one but THREE songs from Shine 2009!!! They are a very interesting duo from Helsinki. Sami Suova and Mikko Pykäri bring us some synthed out, glossy grooves that are instantly infectious. The first track, which was only released a day ago, called Older is an upbeat jam with a nod nice drum ‘n’ base in it’s beat. The vocals  are a perfect complement and create an interesting and super catchy tune.  Eurozone starts a bit slower and maintains a more sedated tone but pulls in all those sexy synth sounds and a tight baseline that will immediately make you bob your head as it unfolds before you. The Eurozone (CFCF Remix) takes the Eurozone base and creates a more jazzy Medeski, Martin and Wood sound. Talk about an embarrassment of riches, don’t over-think it, just enjoy.

Jason Scott
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