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Solomon Grey – Firechild [Video] + Bonus

Kitsune brought this song to my attention and, as usual, they are on point. Firechild, released in November by Solomon Grey, reflects the darker, moodier side of synth pop and I like it. The winding synth ripples through your speakers accented by an occasional strings loop that makes this track one you’ll have to nod along with. The video only serves to amplify the moodiness of the song with it’s portrayal of a man becoming a little untethered. People familiar with HBO’s The Wire will recognize Bubbles (Andre Royo) as the actor starring in the video as an added bonus.

This UK based duo made waves earlier with their excellent offering, Gen V. This track is a little more stripped down and low key but is also definitely worth your time. It’s haunting vocals pull you don’t let go.

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