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Wolf Saga ft. LYON – Team (Lorde Cover) + More Lorde Remixes!

OK, I get it, people really like Royals. Its a good song and all, but frankly I’m pretty tired of it and Team and Tennis Court, etc. Judging from the Grammy’s, Lorde and her unique style of zombie dancing (which consequently made me like her a little more) are not going anywhere. So, if everyone wants to hear a little Lorde, here are a two tracks that will meet that need while changing it up a little bit.

The first one comes to us from Wolf Saga, who has done a number of nice covers (Daft Punk, Peter, Bjorn and John). He is joined here by LYON for this cover of Team. Johnny admits “I couldn’t do Lorde justice with my vocals if I wanted to, but LYON killed it.” I wholeheartedly agree.



In the Sleepless Club, WEKEED do a nice mashup of Lorde’s The Love Club and Flume‘s Sleepless. It has a kind of smooth feel that really gives this track a subtly different flavor that either of the originals.



Tell us about any other riffs on Lorde songs that you know of because if I need them desperately to placate the Lorde-ites while retaining my sanity.


Jason Scott

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