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State Champs: Around the World and Back LP

Albany boys, State Champs, are super f-ing fun. The 5-some have been kicking a$$ for  a few years now, and are back at with their third(ish) full length, “Around the World and Back.” The latest album grows up from their formative years  – to be expected though, right? As you grow up you write less about murdering ex-girlfriends and silly tween sh*t (a la A Day To Remember, and they’re totally crushing right now) – but haters always gonna hate. It’s still a great time, and their live show is getting more and more raucous, especially, because as mentioned, they are “super f-ing fun.” Saw them back to back nights when they passed through NYC a couple weeks ago, a stark difference from last year when they were converting arms-crossed-head-nodders in to crowd surfing fire starters. Now it’s REAL rowdy and lively. Sadly we don’t live in Australia/Japan/UK  when they tour with Neck Deep…. ugh

Feli Says Listen to these choice tracks!

Felipe Macia
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