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Valentines, Mosers, Eastern Love, and a Kid named Olivver

Friends, Family Members, & Strangers

Most of you probably went out for CMJ Week a few weeks ago. Mingled with industry people, listened to great tunes, and saw some amazing bands.

Me? I just went for the free drinks.

…Just Kidding. Kind of.

I was only able to go to 2 shows this year- our own showcase at the Knitting Factory and Black Panda’s Showcase at Webster Hall. Black Panda & the boys from East Love were nice enough to invite me out for the night and I was so glad I went. Now this ‘review’ might seem late, so let’s not call it that. Let’s call it… ‘I’m going to tell you about some really awesome bands I saw recently, and you should probably look them up’

I like that better.

I arrived at Webster Hall right as Atarah Valentine went on. Didn’t know what to expect from these guys, but was super surprised. They played some awesome true rock and roll songs, that made jumping around the dance floor seamless. Rock- the genre you miss, but don’t realize you miss, until you hear songs like these. Don’t worry guys, Rock isn’t dead- it’s just caught up in the lead singer’s fabulous hair.

Personal favorite of theirs was ‘Forever Young’. Need it now, please.

Next up on the line-up was The Mosers. When the guys walked up to the stage, I immediately thought ‘These guys definitely have to be from Vermont”- nope. Actually New Jersey- go dirty Jerz.

The Mosers had a great sound, and it was easy listening. I often watch the crowd more when bands perform, because the reactions of fans speak thousands of words. There was a man in his mid ’60s to my left singing along and then directly in front of me was a young couple dancing like crazy. The couple then started to make out. Then dance like crazy again. Then make out. Music has power people.

The final song for the Mosers was a special one. It was called ‘Friend’ and they were joined on stage by Young Rising Sons, another Dirty Jersey band- Red Bank to be specific, holla! (Pappa Farley was raised there).

Super impressed by these guys, and trying to nail down an interview with them so tune back for more.

Third on the list that I saw was a Kid named Olivver. Or better known yet as ‘Olivver the Kid’.

I had one song of Olivver’s that I really liked- ‘Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People)’, but the band was definitely all about that bass. This could have been that the venue was too small for the sound- lord knows that happens to bands all the time. But it was hard to hear Olivver’s actual voice over the instrumentals. One mash up that I did pick up was “Blue” with Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. Now I’m not a Drake fan, but that was pretty cool.

Check out his new EP when you get the chance.

And last but certainly never least, East Love walked on stage.

The last time I saw these guys at Webster Hall, it was their big debut in the city as a full band. They were amazing, the crowd was raging, and Lukas was kissing babies and shaking hands left and right.

This time, though just a few months later, I saw a difference in their performance. The crowd was different, more industry people- less crying fans. Lukas didn’t bless any babies, and there was less raging, but their sound was more mature, and you could tell they felt more comfortable with each other as a band. Now if you were a stranger watching these guys perform you probably wouldn’t have noticed any of the above, but instead listened to some talented guys play good music. But I’ve spent a lot of time with the boys over the past few months, and its been a joy watching them grow.

East Love closed with a crowd favorite ‘Little Less’, and everyone loved it. They also announced that they will be headlining at Brooklyn Bowl in January- details here. See you all there.

I had to jet after East Love, but for the night’s full line up of music- see below. Thank you again to Black Panda PR, can’t wait for the next one!




Cassie Farley
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