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SXSW Alert – Steel Phantoms

This is why I love living in Williamsburg.  You walk 6 blocks on a weeknight and see bands like Steel Phantoms in front of 100 people.   Its about impeccable songwriting and flawless execution for drummer/lead vocalist Aaron Harris  (yes, very Helm/Henley/Collins of them) and guitarist Jesse Newkirk.  I’ve literally listened to Curtain Call and Friend to Friend twice a day for the last month.  These are technically the singles but TMD’s favorite track off the live set is still unreleased (hint: its called Overflow and you can only hear it live…unless, of course, you want to come to my place and weird out on my deck whilst listening to the bootleg version I recorded from their show at Cameo last month).  Well done gentlemen.  We can’t wait for the EP in June.  SXSW ALERT: be sure to see them at the Brew Exchange on 6th Street tomorrow night (3/14) at 9pm.  You can thank me later.

Steel Phantoms – Curtain Call Steel Phantoms – Friend to Friend SXSW Beautiful Buzz

Max Bernstein

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