Gabriela’s 2015 Funkouement  

I remember the precise moment I sold my soul to the music devil; South by Southwest, ATX. The very own Most Definitely's Stoli infused afternoon at The Yard. Before that my unexposed dreams twinkled in classical piano, A Capella'd harmonies, and celestial music festivals. Needless...

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Nimino – Milo Evans

Milo Evans [pseudonym] nimino   Nimino is on the brink of a tumultuous adventure of sleepless nights and symbiotic artistry survival. Nimino transitions the crux of a night into dreamlike dawn with his smooth decrescendos and soulful influences. An emerging artist from Brighton, UK, Milo Evans transfixes crowds with his fluctuating rhythm ensuring...

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Count Counsellor

Oh yes. On the verge of elevating to stardom, Count Counsellor sends a shock of soul through my bloodstream. I'm reminded of a fifteen-year-old version of myself sneakily peering through a wire fence as a newborn Passion Pit performs in some nondescript daytime location. Counsellor has inspired...

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Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, an impressive South-east London-based duo, has risen to their challenge of releasing a new single each month for the last year. As a culmination of these tracks, they are gearing up to release their debut album on September 4th. The tender vocals and humming...

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Welcome to Paradise – CS & Miskeyz feat. Emma Carn

Surpassing cross-continental barriers, this trio's collaboration has created an incredible summer tune with articulate residual beats  of vintage summer rock 'n roll, only to be enhanced with ambient electronics. All I want is to be diving into this song and emerging into their unrequited paradise. This collaboration is...

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tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

A delicious non-conformist, Merrill Garbus, brings us phenomenal originality with her simple, yet effective, blending of sounds and instruments. This daring singer/songwriter creates idiosyncrasy in her music, videos, and day-to-day life truly letting her freak-flag fly. The jarring melodies of her tracks come together to...

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elephant stone

Elephant Stone – Between The Lines

Artists of craft and tradition, Elephant Stone, take Psychedelic Rock n' Roll to a different plane entirely. A native Montreal band brought together by internationally sought after Sitar player, Rishi Dhir, have grown and refined Hindi Rock to blend a beautiful Indian classical culture with hot, sexy, dirty, Rock n' Roll. In...

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[Video] [Interview] Argonaut&Wasp – Crystal Stills

From the icy depths of Burlington, Vermont sprung a duo inexorably dedicated to their sound; a sound that bursts with energy and pumps rhythm into the atmosphere. Fans will be glad to know Argonaut&Wasp will be relocating to the Big Apple and grace New Yorkers with beats...

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