the sun days

The Sun Days on Mondays

Why do we call it "Sunday Scaries"? I've heard folks use that term to describe the looming fear of the ever fast approaching Monday work day; which it then should be called the Monday Scaries...

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felipe’s dope ass 2015 playlist full of errors

Here's exactly one hour of tunes for you so I can "fit in." :-/ Most all the bands I included are worth investigating per their particular sound on their own. I'm a belieber in bands with good solid albums. Something dependable start to finish. Something...

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Hey Anna – Move Your Body

Hey Anna is a NJ/ Brooklyn based band who've been around for some time now, but seem to finally be earning the recognition they so deserve. The band, fronted by 3 sisters, plans to release their first full length LP, Run Koko, on July 7th...

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