LOFRAMES – In Love With You

Earlier this year we featured the debut single by Anglo-French duo, Loframes and now after a few months of radio silence they’re back with both a 2nd single, a cover of The Paradise’s ‘In Love With You’ and a remix of British singer David Harks’...

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David Harks – Tripping Ghosts

David Harks returns in the final throws of 2015 with a subdued soulful electronic offering, somewhat of a departure from his colorful entrance in 2014, which TMD kept a close eye on supporting his first EP release LOMO. This time he is back with a...

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Alaska Wilson Invisible Boy ARTWORK

Alaska Wilson – Invisible Boy

File this under David Harks: front man, visionary and now label boss. Our interest was piqued when we first heard rumblings of Alaska Wilson from David a few months ago and I'm here to tell you, the juice was worth the squeeze. The hypnotic synths...

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Max’s Top 14 of 2014

No winners, no losers, just the 14 sounds of 2014 that make me smile the most.  They are in order from the least number of Soundcloud streams to the most.  And yes, one may have blatantly came out in Dec 2013, but too late to make last...

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David Harks – Radioscope Vol. 2

You wanna hear something new? In his second installment of Radioscope, a serial mixtape prepared special for We Found New Music with Grant Owens on 93.5FM, David Harks takes us to the edge of deep disco and back.  It's a masterful mix designed perfectly for the impromptu afterparty you're...

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David Harks – Odyssey

We first introduced you to David Harks back last year when we first heard Odyssey in the back of the Lovelife tour sprinter. Now the Brighton, UK based singer is back with the fourth and final installment to complete his debut ‘Lomo’ EP which is...

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[SHORT FILM] One Way To Osaka

Today we're taking time out to share with you a beautiful short film entitled "One Way to Osaka". Directed and produced by Ben and Joe Dempsey, A wonderful score created and produced by the Broadway project, featuring Matthew Bourne's accomplished piano and cello work and...

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David Harks – Open Arms

Brighton UK based David Harks are back, as promised, with their third of four singles this summer. Open Arms reaches into the realms of Balearic where sermon samples from a 10 year-old Cayman Islands based Preacher wrap delicate steel drum melodies and run in creative...

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David Harks – Illusion

Following a warm response to We (premiered last month via Neon Gold), Brighton UK based David Harks is back with their second installment of the summer. Built for a beachfront music festival, Illusion heralds a soft hypnotic lullaby swinging gently against a trip-hop psychadelic feel. A warm gentle...

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David Harks – We

Following their recognition on the bi-annual Kitsuné Maison compilation last October, David Harks is back with four new singles set to premiere in 2014. Each features writer/frontman David Sanderson’s sincere vocal signature beside a meticulous array of familiar production elements. Hailing from Brighton England, the...

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