Send Your Valentine a Shit Present

Hailing from Exeter, not the prep school Phillips Exeter, but the Cathedral city in southwest England best known for being a wool trade hub in the late 19th century and then destroyed in WW2, Shit Present (ya...

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kid wave 2

Kid Wave: Wonderlust LP (no # needed)

Swede plays in all girl punk band. Feels uninspired. Swede is disillusioned with indie scene in home country. Swede moves to London in search of new beginnings. Finds stability while dream-weaving grunge. Swede-turned-Brit enrolls in sound engineering courses. Records demos on Garageband. Swede receives offers...

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Bully – Feels Like (LP)

So sometimes bullies can be cool. Well, better said, usually bullies ARE "cool" kids who pick on their future bosses, hook up with their future bosses future wives, and collect head trauma via football practice and failed keg stands. In the same way subjected groups assimilate...

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