Tim’s Essential Tracks of 2013

So that was 2013 huh? Pretty solid year. I've been working on this list all year. Full disclosure, if you're looking for the obvious "Best of 2013" list, this is not for you. This is more about the tracks that might have slipped through the...

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Rotkraft – To Love You (Fishing Vest Remix)

We first fell in love with Rotkraft back when Goldroom introduced us to them on his Autunno Mixtape last December. And we've been digging and looking for more ever since. Well, today we got some more, even though we heard it a year ago. This...

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Rotkraft – Relax

FOR THE WIN! Loving this Rotkraft right now. Just so smooth and downright sexy. Super choosy beat going on here. Here's what we know: Rotkraft was formed in Georgia, Tbilisi in june of 2011 by friends Lasha Margiani and George Japaridze. At first they were...

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