Tim’s Essential Tracks of 2013

So that was 2013 huh? Pretty solid year. I’ve been working on this list all year. Full disclosure, if you’re looking for the obvious “Best of 2013″ list, this is not for you. This is more about the tracks that might have slipped through the cracks, the tracks that never quite got the attention they deserved. Some of them are more obvious than others (read: Daft Punk). While others, need to be heard (read: Streets of Laredo).

How do you boil down a year to 15 songs? In my case, you don’t. You make a soundcloud best of and a Spotify Best of list. We had a banner year personally, professionally and musically. A lot of firsts that I am extremely thankful for. Rather than sit here and wax poetic on what was definitely the best year of my life, why don’t you just sit back and listen to these tunes that helped make 2013 so special?

And then I made a totally different Spotify playlist so you got hours of music to listen to.

Tim Mullowney
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