The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

So I’ve been listening to lots of new music this week and truthfully, I’m a bit exhausted. I’ve been researching my magazines, reading sites, talking to friends (mostly my concert boyfriend – Joe Ciolli). Then I listened to an album that came out last week by a nine-piece band that’s always fluxing members depending on what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s wonderful. For real though. Really REALLY good. Seldom these days do you find an actually creative sound (you can tell I’m serious cuz I haven’t made any wisecracks yet). A sound that keeps changing and you guessing. Where you don’t even know which song you’re on because it’s just a ride you’ve gotta enjoy. A car ride with no destination, a “fuck it, let’s just drive.” A “clear eyes fulls hearts” journey. It’s not the radio friendly, done a thousand times album, with verse-hook-chorus-verse-hook-chorus-bridge-chorus songs, but an album meant to be listened to all the way through. Actually listened to. Think like, the polar opposite of a Katy Perry album.

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die have a serious title shot for Album of the Year in whatever genre some jerks decide to put them in (but don’t think about genres, just listen – Feli Said So). Harmlessness is complex, and smart. These cats tried really hard. Here are some quotes from Music Reviewers since I know you cake-eaters don’t believe me:

“It’s a powerful, human thing — the first masterpiece in the career of a band who hopefully have a few more of those under their belt. Maybe there will be objectively “better” records that come out this year, but there will be none that I love more.” – James Rettig; Stereogum

“The emo revival ends here because its flagship band made the best indie rock record of 2015, period.” – Ian Cohen; Vice

Harmlessness is the gold standard for all of 2015 […] What matters is this: Harmlessness is a perfect record and it’s the best one we’ll hear in 2015 and nothing will come close. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die have created their magnum opus and the most transcendent and challenging piece of music to emerge from modern rock in a long, long time.” – Drew Beringer; Absolutepunk

“Their Epitaph debut may have been met with trepidation in some quarters, but it absolutely obliterates expectations: a masterpiece of emotional dexterity and musical precision, and an absolute must-hear.” – Gareth O’Malley; TrebelZine

Ok, enough seriousness. Back to jokes. Feli – Out.

Felipe Macia
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