Send Your Valentine a Shit Present

Hailing from Exeter, not the prep school Phillips Exeter, but the Cathedral city in southwest England best known for being a wool trade hub in the late 19th century and then destroyed in WW2, Shit Present (ya...

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Sometimes Heavy Turnover Isn’t A Bad Thing

Virginia Beach rockers turned quasi-indie-shoegazers, Turnover, put out a super chill and well done album last year: Peripheral Vision. Maybe I was just tired and stressed and needed something easy while cooking the other night, but it was exactly what I needed (been on repeat since). Their...

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kid wave 2

Kid Wave: Wonderlust LP (no # needed)

Swede plays in all girl punk band. Feels uninspired. Swede is disillusioned with indie scene in home country. Swede moves to London in search of new beginnings. Finds stability while dream-weaving grunge. Swede-turned-Brit enrolls in sound engineering courses. Records demos on Garageband. Swede receives offers...

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willie j healey

Be Polite like Willie J Healey

Oxford Rock 'n' Stroller Willie J Healey is fresh off his debut EP and out with a new single. Channeling Mac De Marco, the hazy surf-rockin' 20 year old records his jams fully in his garage, hoping it comes out "like The Beach Boys mixed...

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junior prom

Junior Prom – Let’s Make A Lot Of Money

Junior Prom, a magical time when (acne) blossoming youngsters experience their first taste of real world dating: asking equally nervous and insecure jerkholes to maybe? go to prom with them, while everyone balances their potential better offers and invites to come...

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awol 1

AWOLNATION – Woman Woman

LA indie-electronica rocker, AWOLNATION, started a few years back when Aaron Bruno was tired of collaborating and needed a creative outlet to pursue solo (so he started a new band and got a ton of ppl to play with him...

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PRIDES – 2 tickling tracks

PRIDES (sometimes PR/DES), a threesome of Glasgow synthpoppers (the most edgy popper-based musician subgenre), started kickin' up dust in 2014 with sporadic track releases - all dope tracks, really. Making the move from punk to electropop (which tells a lot about why they're so good) was...

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