WSTR: it’s pronounced WASTER, ugh

The UK is crushing the US these days in terms of pop punk. If any of you are friends with me, then you’ve heard me yapping about Neck Deep (sick Welsh band). Well now it’s time to yap about WSTR. The Liverpool pop punk quintet are on the verge of making big splashes in 2016 (think moving from the kiddie pool to the big boy wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando – or Blizzard Beach if you’re in to that sort of thing). Although all they’ve got is an EP, they sound like they’ve been together for way longer than they actually have (its only been like 5 months). And I know what you’re gonna say… “they sound just like Neck Deep’s 2014 album “Wishful Thinking” and that just makes them a bunch of copycats.” Ughh, ya it does, which is awesome (if you’re gonna copy, copy the best), but also makes sense since they are all friends and even recorded their EP in the UK with Ben Barlow’s (of Neck Deep’s) brother. When asked what they feel makes a good pop-punk record, they said: “Fast and loud with relatable lyrics and sing-alongs;” check, check and check! Oh ya, they got signed before ever doing anything real to No Sleep Records, a legit rock label who rep The Wonder Years, Balance & Composure, La Dispute, Looming, etc. So ya. Anyways, they’re on repeat these days. (ps – big ups to the Limp Bizkit hoodie)

Feli Says Pop Punk Will Never Die

Felipe Macia
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