You Can’t Misinterpret a Palindrome

Waking up in 2017 can feel like you’re going the wrong way on a one way street. Unless you toss out your tech and stick your head in the sand, it’s loud and it’s brash, and entirely overwhelming. “Someone’s always trying to tell me who I am / Who to love and how to f*ck / And that it’s time to pay rent.” RVIVR was on to something back in 2013 when they dropped this dime on us. The Olympia, Washington quartet are known for their high energy shows and their defense of gender equality (sadly, gender equality is out of vogue in Congress). These dudes and dudettes even offer up some friendly advice on how to handle today: “When it feels like you’ve been tamed / And your dragging around your chains / Start screaming your true name.” Seems like lots around the country have already heeded their advice (ok maybe just the Facebook warriors, but whatevs).

Furthermore, this year’s filled with lots of bigly words, and sometimes you just need everyone to Shut. Up. Since this RVIVR track, although dope, is real amped up and loaded with fast talk, I’ve included a chill-down follow up song (what?! two songs? it’s 2017! anything’s possible!) that has absolutely no words whatsoever, by an aptly named band who should perform on the 20th, Red Handed Denial (need some aloe for that sick burn!?). This Friday double-dose is in essence, a perfect combo (you’re welcome, I’ll be here all week). This Canadian quintet lists only one interest in their bio, and boy are they on to something: Super Smash Bros.

Listen Up, Feli Says He’s Back

Felipe Macia
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