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Boston Manor: (London) Underground no Longer

Confusingly not from Boston but Blackpool, Boston Manor are also not named after the London tube station in Ealing, but just a working song title they stole from a friend’s band (not as cool). This quintet is another welcome addition to the sweet UK rock scene dominating the genre these days, so much so that they got snatched up by Cali-based outfit, Pure Noise Records, who are repping a bunch of cool up-and-coming youngsters. Their recent EP is pretty sweet. They’d been listening to a lot of Thrice and Brand New, so that’s why it sounds so good (case you were wondering). To any of you out there looking to start a band, the three tips [when asked] from Boston Manor are: 1) play shows, 2) write as much as you can, and 3) “don’t be an arsehole.” Good life lessons to live by: go DO stuff, and don’t be a jerk.

Feli DID Say he’d bring backthe dark tunes

Felipe Macia
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