Don’t be a Bleach; get Bleached

LoFi gritty beach tunes are all the rage these days and LA seems to produce them with a certain regularity. Sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin write sun-drenched LA rock songs and form the foundation of (surprise, surprise!) LA outfit Bleached (named “Bleached” for always bleaching their jean jackets and blonde hair – shoulda called themselves the “Bleach Boys”). The only time they can write their emo love songs is when they’re going through some weird times (no one wants to listen to you sing about how happy you are! How unrelatable! … I guess unless it’s rap and country; spinners and bottles and jacked up trucks and hot ladies are all happy AND relatable. So nvm my theory I guess). Anyways, Jen (that’s what her buds call her) wants to be in a relationship, but being in a band and on the road is super tough, so she gets inspired to write while on tour. Add that with being a Scorpio… and ya… watch out for that rollercoaster. Here are some Scorpio buzz words thanks to loyal, jealous, passionate, resourceful, suspicious, observant, manipulative, dynamic, and unyielding. Wow… FBI/serial killer!? Both? Oh ya. first two quotes: “Scorpios are fiercely independent” and “Relationships with Scorpios are always complicated […] a series of extremes.

Don’t Say Feli didn’t warn you 😉

Felipe Macia
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