The Midnight Faces of Sergio Flores

Slide in to your Monday with these appropriately easy to listen to tracks with enough sexy sax to boost your spirits (granted, they could always use a little more sax, but I'll take it. Did I listen to "Careless Whisper" on repeat afterwards? Maybe I...

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lany v2

Breaking News: LANY frontman can now afford sleeves

About a year and a half ago I posted LANY's first mega hit single "ILYSB" (I Love You So Bad) and info on how they started this band as an incognito Soundcloud account, and actually thought they were getting catfished when some rando UK labels came a'knockin...

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midnigh to monaco 1

Midnight To Monaco-One In A Million

What do you get when you bring together a super producer for Empire of the Sun and a Canadian crooner with a voice that will make you weak in the knees? The sweetest fusion of doo-wop, hip beats, and sparkling synths courtesy of Midnight to...

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Don’t be a Bleach; get Bleached

LoFi gritty beach tunes are all the rage these days and LA seems to produce them with a certain regularity. Sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin write sun-drenched LA rock songs and form the foundation of (surprise, surprise!) LA outfit Bleached (named "Bleached" for always bleaching...

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Coast Modern – Hollow Life

Before you press play - put on your headphones, turn the volume all the way up, and let “Hollow Life” bring you some place else. "Runnin runnin runnin from my problems" "You'll be sittin pretty baby hold on tight" “Hollow Life,” by newcomers Coast Modern, is the kind...

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allison weiss 2

Allison Weiss – Golden Coast

Indiepopper and Tegan & Sara vocal double, Allison Weiss, created a Kickstarter in 2009 to press her debut full length, and after crushing her monetary goal, she became a sensation for online promotion (NYT, Wired, etc). Regarding her new album, out in October, she says...

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Transviolet – Bloodstream

So these duders debuted this summer with a smasher "Girls Your Age" (although "smasher" probably isn't the right word to describe its electro-minimalism) and have racked up tons of listens. Before they hit the web with their first single, the LA-foursome actually sent out clear...

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jaymes young

Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t

West Coast man Jaymes Young teamed up with Phoebe Ryan for this slow burning break up track about how they "just can't seem to get it right" that I've weirdly been listening to on repeat for the last week or so (especially now that it's...

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HOLYCHILD – Money All Around

LA-band HOLYCHILD call themselves "brat pop" - but also refer to themselves as "if Katy Perry, Andy Warhol, and Robyn had a menage-a-tryst and out popped a perfect pop baby for adults only." Sounds a little pedophile-ish but whatever, I can flex with it. They were...

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